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Understanding what a shipping zone is and how they affect your business is key to understanding your businesses costs and transit...
( 3 minute read )

Topics: scaling, 3PL, Logistics,

Shipmate Fulfillment is proud to unveil our new YouTube Channel. On our channel we will discuss all things logistics,...
( 2 minute read )

Topics: Insider, product organization, barcode labeling,

Safety signs are an important part of maintaining a safe work environment in any industry. Safety signs can save lives and...
( 7 minute read )

Topics: 3PL, Logistics, safety

Dimensional weight is a pricing technique used by many carriers in both the freight and parcel industry. By using the volume of a...
( 2 minute read )

Topics: 3PL, Logistics, Fulfillment

By Team Shipmate On August 28, 2019

Introducing: Freightos

Shipmate Fulfillment would like to introduce our customers and friends to our newest partner Freightos. Learn what Freightos can...
( 1 minute read )

Topics: Logistics, customer care, customers

Subscription boxes are becoming more of a household staple in today's market. Many Americans subscribe to meet their household...
( 3 minute read )

Topics: barcode labeling, labeling, barcodes,

When selling a new product sometimes it is important to consider seasonality when making both purchasing and supply chain...
( 6 minute read )

Topics: inventory management, scaling, Logistics,

By Bill Carlin On July 22, 2019

What is a 3PL?

3PL stands for Third-Party-Logistics. A 3PL is a service that another company hires to outsource their fulfillment and logistical...
( 3 minute read )

Topics: inventory management, profitability, 3PL,

It is important to keep your customers happy! A happy customer will possibly repurchase, leave a positive review, or tell a...
( 2 minute read )

Topics: listing, Logistics, Fulfillment,

Find out how cheap and fast shipping bring the newest and greatest products directly to your doorstep.
( 3 minute read )

Topics: 3PL, Logistics, Fulfillment

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