Box in Box or Double Box Method for Shipping Fragile Items: Step by Step Breakdown

Learn about the box in box method for shipping fragile items. This packing technique is not only easy to use, it's also affordable and provides a better way to ship fragile items.


The box in box or double box method is a great way to ship fragile items. It’s easy and inexpensive, but it does require some time and effort on the shipper’s part. This article will provide you with step by step instructions on how to use this shipping technique for your next shipment!

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Step 1: Select An Interior Box

The box that you will put your items inside of needs to be able to fit all the items, but not have too much extra room. I recommend having 1-2 inches on each side of the item you will be packing. You should select your interior box based off of this recommendation. Please note that many times items you buy at the store or online will be in a color box already and will be shipped this way inside the mailing box. This is an example of an interior box and functions as such in your shipment.

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Step 2: Pack And Seal Your Interior Box

After selecting your box, you should place it on a flat surface and pack the box as if you were shipping without using this technique. You should make sure that the item you are packing is wrapped in bubble wrap or other dunnage to limit movement. Once the item is secure in the box and does not move around you can seal up the box and move to step 3.

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Step 3: Select An Exterior Box

The box you choose for your exterior box should be slightly bigger than the box with all of your items inside. I recommend having 2-3 inches on each side and top, back and bottom of the interior box. This will make sure that everything fits properly when we seal up the package for shipping.

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Step 4: Pack Your Interior Box In The Exterior Box

After you select the box for your exterior box, place it on a flat surface and place your packed interior box in the center of the box. Be sure to include dunnage or padding around the outside of the your interior box to make sure to limit the movement of your fragile item inside. Once your interior package is secured in the center of the box surrounded with dunnage you can move to Step 5.

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Step 5: Seal The Box And Ship it!

After your parcel is fully packed it is important to I form or H tape the box. This will help give some added protection to your shipment. It is also important to consider insurance and fragile stickers for your package. Both of these things will cost extra however maybe worth it to protect your shipment. Once you know what extra services you are going to require for your shipment you can purchase postage either online or in person and ship your package.

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If you ship fragile items, the box in box or double-box method is a great and easy way to go! This article has provided you with step by step instructions on how to use this shipping technique for your next shipment. How do you currently ship fragile items?

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