What Is USPS First Class Mail? Shipping Your Packages Quickly and Safely

If you're looking to ship your packages quickly and safely, then first class mail is the way to go. Here's everything that you need to know about this popular shipping service offered by the United States Postal Service.


USPS first class mail is a service offered by the United States Postal Service. It’s one of their most popular services, for both commercial and residential use. With first class mail, you’ll get to ship your packages quickly and safely with priority handling at no extra charge. This article will give you all the information that you need to know about first class mail so that you can start using it in your business today!

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What Are The Requirements For A First Class Package?

The dimensions for a first class package cannot exceed 22″ x 18″ x 15″ and must weigh under 16oz. Remember to weigh and measure your package after your shipment is fully prepared as packaging materials can affect the weight and dimensions of a shipment.

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What Is The Transit Time Of A First Class Package?

USPS first class mail offers a delivery speed of 1-3 business days. This doesn’t include Saturday, Sunday or any federal holidays.

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Are Transit Times Guaranteed?

USPS first class mail is prioritized over other services, which means it will be delivered as soon as possible. In most cases, first class packages are delivered on the third business day after mailing, but transit times can vary depending on where your package needs to go and how far away that location is from their primary sorting facilities. USPS does not guarantee first class mail delivery times, but it is one of the most reliable and fast shipping method offered by USPS.

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What Are The Features Of First Class Mail?

In addition to priority transit times without the priority mail price tag, with first class mail you are able to track your package at no extra charge! This is a must have feature for eCommerce sellers. You can also choose to insure your package for an additional fee.

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What Are Some Examples Of Items That Are Ideal For First Class Mail?

Many small lightweight items qualify for first class mail and can save you significant amounts in shipping cost. Some common items include cosmetics, lightweight apparel, supplements, and more.

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Do I Need A Shipping Account To Use First Class Mail?

As first class mail is a USPS service you will not need an account to utilize this method of shipping. You can print your postage online directly from the USPS website or take advantage of discounted rates offered by third party providers or marketplaces who integrate their services with USPS first class mail.

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Can I Ship Liquids First Class Mail?

The short answer is yes, however you will need to package your goods in at least 3 layers of material if they contain more than 4oz of liquid. The initial sealed product, a sealed leak-proof bag or other liquid proof container, absorbent material, and finally ridged outer packaging. You should also mark the package as containing liquid. If after all this your package still meets the requirements of a first class package you may ship it using this service.

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USPS first class mail is a great solution for small businesses who want to ship their packages quickly and safely. With priority handling you’ll get your packages delivered as soon as possible at no extra charge, which means more time for business! You can also track first class packages easily with USPS first class tracking service that comes free of charge. If you’re looking for the best rates to ship first class packages then you’ll want to take advantage of discounts offered by third party providers who integrate their services with USPS first class mail.

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