Is Water Activated Tape Really Worth Using?

If you need to package items, you can either go with a traditional packing tape or an alternative option. Here's what you should know about water activated tape and whether it is worth using for your business.


Water activated tape is a new type of packing tape that has water-activated adhesive on the back. It sounds like it would be worth using, but is water activated tape really worth using? The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for in your packaging solution. Keep reading to learn more about water activated tapes and see if they might work for your business!

What is Water Activated Tape and how does it work?

Water activated tape is a water-activated adhesive. There are no messy solvents needed to activate the water, meaning that you can use this tape without fear of harming your products or leaving residue on other surfaces. Once water hits the glue, it becomes sticky and ready to stick!

When should I use water activated packing tape?

Water activated packing tape works best if you need extra adhesion for heavier boxes (or moving boxes). Many of these tapes are reinforced with plastic films and fibers, which add strength to the water activated adhesive. It also holds up well under rain or snow conditions compared to traditional packing tapes. If your business deals with these challenges regularly, water activated tapes might be worth trying out!

The benefits of using water activated tape

Stronger adhesion

Water activated adhesives cling to boxes better than traditional packing tapes. This adhesive is stronger and when the glue is activated by water better adheres to a box than traditional packing tapes.

Holds more weight

Water activated tapes can hold more weight than traditional packing tapes. This is especially true with reinforced tapes that can hold much heavier loads. This water activated adhesive is a good option if you need to seal boxes that will be lifted or moved in some capacity.

Won’t leave residue behind on surfaces

The water activated adhesive does not leave residue on surfaces. This water activated adhesive is a great solution for people who are concerned about leaving residue on other packages or furniture near the box being sealed.

Works well under water and snow conditions

This type of tape holds up well under all weather conditions. This water activated tape is a good option for people that ship boxes through rain or snow because it will stay sealed even when wet while plastic tapes may separate from the box.

How to apply water activated tape?

There are a few things you can do to get water activated tape to work for your business.

First you need to purchase a dispenser. Different water activated tapes have different dispensers, so make sure the one you get is compatible with your water-activating tape.

Next, load the dispenser with your tape and fill it with water. For water activated tapes you will need to fill the dispenser with water and then load it up.

Finally, pull the tape through the dispenser moistening it and activating the adhesive. You can then apply your tape to your package.

Things to consider before purchasing or applying water activated tape 

Different roll sizes

Some water activated tapes come in small rolls of 25 feet while others are larger and may be as long as 100 feet. Make sure to check with your supplier on what size is best for you before purchasing water activated tape.

Do you need regular or reinforced?

While water activated tape can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, water-activated packing tapes typically fall into two categories: regular water activated adhesive or reinforced water activated adhesive. Regular water activated tape is ideal for lighter weight boxes while reinforced water activate adhesives are good options that hold more weight.


Water activated adhesive cannot be reused if you stick it down incorrectly. Sometimes with plastic tapes or other packing tapes you can peel up your tape and restick it, however once you place your water activated tape on your box it is permanent and cannot be pulled up and reused.

It takes time to use water activated tape

People new to water activated packing often complain about the extra time it takes using this adhesive. It does take a bit longer than traditional adhesives, so make sure you have a plan for how you will use water-activating box sealing tape if your business deals with tight deadlines or shipping schedules.

Always request a sample before buying in bulk especially online

Testing the quality and durability of the tape and its adhesion is important. While water activated tape is a great adhesive for shipping boxes, it can also be expensive so always request a sample before buying in bulk especially online to be sure you are purchasing a quality product that fits your needs.


Is water activated tape really worth using? answer to this question depends on what you are looking for in your packaging solution. If you want a tape that is environmentally friendly, easy to use, and does not leave behind any residue or mess then water activated tapes might be the perfect option for your business! Have you tried water activated tape? Let us know how it went below so we can learn more about its potential uses.

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