5 Surprising and Creative Packing Materials You May Find in Your Home

Did you know that many common household items can be used to pack your products safely and effectively. Here are five creative packing tips to help make your next order a success.


Packing can be a difficult process, but packing creatively is even more challenging. There are many packing materials you may find in your home that you probably never thought of using before. This post will give you five packing tips to help make packing easier and more creative.

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If you are looking for some cheap and reliable dunnage that shows up weekly in your mailbox and many times is even free look no further than newspaper. Newspaper can be used to fill up packing boxes, protect items on the bottom of a box and keep them from rattling around during transport. This is a cheap and readily available alternative to expensive paper dunnage or other packing materials.

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Raid Your Amazon & Other Online Orders

Online orders often come with tons of free shipping materials such as bubble wrap, air cushions, and packing peanuts. Saving some of these items can be a huge cost saving for small online sellers. Materials such as bubble wrap and air cushions often have very high costs associated with them when bought in bulk, so using what you have or having some on hand for packing can be a huge cost savings. These items are crucial to protecting items during packing and transport.

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Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes happen to be a packing material that is both cheap and easy to find. Shoe boxes can be used as part of your packing process whether it’s packing shoes, small items or anything else you have in the box they are easily available and work very well for packaging purposes and most people has a few laying around.

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Old Clothing, Towels, or Linens

You can reuse old clothing, towels, and linens as packing supplies. Old clothes such as t-shirts or pants can be used to protect small fragile items that you don’t want something else touching whether it’s a pair of shoes, plates, picture frames, etc. Linens like towels and sheets are often very soft packing materials that work perfectly for packing dishes or other breakables. This can be a great way to upcycle items that may otherwise be thrown away.

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Disposable Bags

Disposable bags are great packing material to use as dunnage. Just like newspaper, they can be used to protect the item itself or fill up a box that’s too big to close easily. Disposables work well because they come in all different sizes so you’ll likely find one which works perfectly for packing your item whether it’s a large or small one.


Packing can be an extremely difficult process, but packing creatively is even more challenging. Fortunately, there are many packing materials you may find in your home that will make the job much easier and cost-effective for packing parcels before shipping your package across the country

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