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Why Every Business Needs an Instagram Account

You have probably heard of other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, but have you heard about Instagram? This site focuses on images and video. It allows businesses to connect with millions of potential customers online.


Instagram is a social media site that can be used to connect with customers and grow your business. Its focus on images and video allows you to show off your business to millions of potential customers online. In this blog post, we will discuss why every business needs an Instagram account and how it can help your business grow.

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What is an Instagram account and how can you use it for your business

Instagram is a social media site where users can share pictures and videos. It was started in 2010 as a mobile app before it became available to desktop computers in 2016. Businesses large and small use Instagram to engage with potential customers by showing them behind-the scenes photos, running contests, giving sneak peaks of new products/services, and more.

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Why should every business have one, including small businesses

One benefit to having an Instagram account is that it allows you to grow your customer base by connecting with people who don’t already know about your business . You can connect with customers from all over the world, which makes Instagram a global marketing platform. It’s also great for a business’s branding because Instagram is unique in that it focuses on images and videos, which can be used to convey your brand message.

Another benefit for business owners is Instagram’s advertising platform. You can create ads directly through Instagram or use third party ad agencies to make them for you. These allow your business to target specific audiences and show up in the feeds of users who are more likely to be interested in what you’re selling, which increases traffic and sales for your business.

Finally, businesses can use Instagram for customer support or sales. You can answer questions and resolve problems directly through the app instead of having to put customers on hold or send them away with no resolution.

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How Instagram helps business growth

Instagram has a large and growing user base, meaning that there is a lot of potential traffic available for businesses who have an Instagram account. In April of 2018, Instagram had 800 million users and 500 million daily active users . These numbers are expected to grow over time as more people continue to use the app every day.

Instagram is also a popular site for engagement among online audiences because it focuses on images and video, which create visually stimulating posts that get attention from potential customers.

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How to create a good profile that will help attract followers and customers

Creating a good profile can be easy if you follow these steps.

First, make sure your username is clear and easy to understand so that users can remember it when they search for it in the app or on a website . Your business name should be included in this part of your profile if possible.

Next, upload some photos! Try to include at least one picture with products/services and one without to show potential customers what you offer. Make sure that your photos are high quality and professional looking so that users take your business seriously.

After the profile is created, be sure to add a link in the “website” section of your profile where people can learn more about or purchase products/services from your company.

Finally, use a call to action in your bio so that users know what you want them to do. This could be as simple as “Follow us for updates!” or something more specific like “Click the link below and sign up for our newsletter today!”

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Tips on how to post content regularly without getting burnt out or losing interest

Sometimes posting content regularly can lead to burnout or loss of interest, especially for business owners who are working to post content on top of their usual workload. Luckily, there are several things you can do to avoid these issues so that your Instagram account stays active and engaging even when you don’t have the time or energy to put into it every day .

First, plan ahead! Use a calendar app like Google Calendar to schedule your posts in advance. This allows you to focus on the content when you have time and then set it aside for later, which can help reduce stress levels . You can also use automated scheduling tools to do this automatically for multiple Instagram accounts without having to manually input everything.

Another thing that business owners should consider is outsourcing their Instagram marketing. There are companies that will create posts for your business and schedule them in advance, so you don’t have to worry about posting content at all .

Finally, try not to over-post! Business owners often post every day or multiple times per day out of fear that they’ll lose followers if they go too long without posting something new. However, quality over quantity is the best way to ensure that your followers will remain interested in what you have to say.

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If you have a new business or are looking to grow your existing one, it’s time for you to create an Instagram account. In this blog post we talked about how the site can help with marketing and sales of products. Now that you know what the benefits are from using Instagram, why not take action? Create a profile today! Don’t miss out on all these opportunities just because you don’t feel like setting up another social media account.

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