6 Ways to Score With Your Customers: Customer Experience Playbook

Find out how you can score with your customers by improving the customer experience. Improve customer satisfaction, augment brand loyalty, and drive revenue through these six tips!


In the game of football, points are scored when you advance your team down the field. In the business world, points are scored when you improve customer experience! We bring you six winning customer experience strategies. These tips will help you score points and win more customers for your business!

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Score A Touchdown With Your Product Packaging

Product packaging can make or break customer satisfaction. It may be impossible to score with every customer, but if you have great product packaging it will help your customer experience tremendously. Using customer feedback on how they feel about the physical presentation of a package is essential to improve the ecommerce customer experience in their eyes. A customer will always remember how they felt when opening their product for the first time.

Use branded colors and logos to make your customer feel like they are receiving something special. It is important to remember your product may be a gift or someone may not be expecting it. The customer will associate your brand with the experience they had opening up their new product for the first time, so make sure you are proud of how it looks and feels.

A great customer touchpoint is to include a personalized thank you message inside each package as well as direct customer service information such as email or phone number. This way, if customer has a question or concern about their product they will know exactly where to reach you for customer service.

Don’t forget the details! Include other small goodies such as stickers and discount codes that customers can use on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The more customer-focused your packaging is, the better!

Keep Your Customers On The Field With Free Gifts Or Samples

Everyone loves samples and freebies and your customers are no different. There are many customer touchpoints that can be improved using samples or freebies. You want to ensure they are relevant and add value to your customer.

Try giving away a new product you are trying to promote or a complementary item to the customer’s order. Many times this little unexpected bonus will induce customer satisfaction and an increase in customer loyalty.

Remember, customer touchpoints are both physical and emotional so it is important to be on the ball with your customer experience every step of the way!

Recover Any Fumbles With Responsive And Helpful Customer Service

Every football team needs to hold on to the football just like every good business needs to hold on to its customers. Good customer support can help your business win back a customer even after something goes wrong or the unexpected happens.

Customers expect quick responses to their questions and concerns. If your business is unable to provide customer support in a prompt manner, you are bound to lose the game against your competition who can!

The best way to handle any issue or concern with your product is simple: don’t wait until there is one! Try contacting customers before they have a problem to get ahead of any bad press or customer service issues.

Remember, it is your ball so you need to focus on keeping possession and maintaining a quality customer experience! The more you do this, the better chance your business has at winning with customers for life!

Pass Along A Thank You Note To Your Intended Receiver

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and that includes your customers. I like to include a hand signed thank you note inside each customer order. This also helps to remind the customer that behind your business is a person.

This is a customer touchpoint that shows the customer they are appreciated and their business matters to your company. It will not only make customers feel like part of the team, but it can also help with building customer loyalty if done right!

Be A Team Player – Empower Your Team To Pursue Excellence In Everything

As your company begins to grow you will expand your team. It is important to empower team members to provide customer experience excellence. Giving your employees the tools they need and guidelines on how to properly serve customers is critical in having a successful customer experience strategy.

Hire people who care about customer satisfaction, not just another paycheck! If you hire enthusiastic, passionate people that are willing to give their all for customer success then chances are customer service will follow suit.

Whether writing product descriptions, responding to customer service inquiries, or physically packing orders. It is important that every member of your team has the customer in mind. Just like a star quarterback cannot win the big game alone, customer success cannot be achieved without teamwork.

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Celebrate Your Success With Your Customers

It is important to interact with your customers. Engage with them on social media, respond to any comments or feedback. Make your brand approachable and something your customers want to be a part of. Brands that interact with their customer base have higher customer satisfaction.

People want to feel a part of something special and it is important for businesses to make them feel that way. By celebrating customer success with your team and customer base, everyone feels appreciated which can help you win the long game!

When a brand you love retweets your photo or responds to your comment, customer satisfaction goes up! It is important to show your customer base they are not only appreciated, but also that their opinions matter.


Scoring points with customers is crucial to success in the game of business. You can do that by following these customer experience strategies and tips, which will help you win more sales for your company. If you’re looking for a way to improve customer engagement or increase loyalty, try one (or all) of these six winning ways to score points! How are you scoring now? What plays are working for you and your business currently? Share in the comment section!

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