5 Reasons Why eCommerce Sellers Should Attend Trade Shows and Conferences

Find out why e-commerce sellers should attend trade shows, conferences & expos. We will talk about the importance of marketing in a way that is different than your usual content. And what you can get from these events!


Trade shows and conferences are an important part of the eCommerce world. If you don’t attend trade shows or conferences, you could be missing out on some great opportunities to network with other sellers, learn about new products in your industry, and even find suppliers for your business. In this blog post we will talk about 5 reasons why trade show attendance is a necessity for any eCommerce seller!

Trade shows and conferences are a great way to learn about new trends, products, and technologies

Trade shows and conferences are a great way to learn about new trends, products, and technologies available in your industry. All of the news and technology available is on display at trade shows and conferences, so you can see what it looks like before making a purchase decision. Often these events are a great opportunity to get a hands on demo or even speak to the people behind these innovations.

Trade shows can be a great opportunity to research products and services in your specific industry. Many exhibitors set up booths to exhibit their offerings. Trade shows are great resources present opportunities for your company to browse and compare technologies and services before deciding which one you want to purchase and invest in.

It’s also a chance to meet with other sellers in your industry

It’s also a chance to meet with other sellers in your industry. You can learn about their experiences, trade tips and tricks for success. It’s a great way to build lasting connections that will benefit your company in the long run. Networking is valuable because it opens up possibilities that you may not have considered before meeting face-to-face with other sellers or industry professionals.

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You can make connections that might lead to partnerships or joint ventures

Annual trade shows provide an opportunity for businesses and attendees to build a lasting relations. Often this leads to partnerships or joint ventures. Many attendees visit these events to search for partners or service providers who can help advance their business goals.

Many service providers exhibit at trade shows though out the USA especially in September. Many of these shows take place in Las Vegas and other major cities, are annual and are often free to attend. These events are attended buy everyone from logistics providers to marketing companies, to anything related to your specific eCommerce niche.

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Listen to prominent speakers and gain more knowledge

Learn from speakers at trade shows and conferences. Having the opportunity to listen to experienced people in eCommerce is a great way for sellers of all levels to gain insight into how they can improve their business or excel in certain areas. The best part about trade show expos and conferences are that you have direct access (usually) with these experts, meaning you can ask them questions and get valuable advice. Many have a booth or are attendees themselves and are more that happy to give tips and tricks or to receive feedback on their presentation.

The value of learning from people who have been successful in the industry is well worth the price of admission at trade shows or conferences. At each expo or gathering there can be a number of speakers offering a free training or giving a presentation at the convention. It often a good tip to remember that seats can often be reserved at the conference for any speaker you may be interested in. Many times these events fill up as speakers are great resources and are often one of the highlights of the convention.

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Trade show attendees get to see their competition up close

Many times representatives for competing companies will also have a booth or will be attending a trade show. This gives you not only the opportunity to see and interact with the competition within your industry, but allows you to have access to the services, technologies, and information they do. By attending various shows you will have the opportunity to learn from other eCommerce sellers.

People are often afraid of trade shows because they think that you have to pay money for this information. However, trade shows are not only a great way to network with others in your industry but can be an excellent source of knowledge as well.

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Whether you’re attending for your own business, or as a vendor to sell products, trade shows and conferences are an important part of the eCommerce world. They provide opportunities to network with other sellers, learn about new product in your industry and even find suppliers for your online store. If you don’t attend these events on the regular basis then I would highly recommend it if you want to be successful in this ever-changing market! What are some of your plans for trade show attendance in 2021?

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