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Customize Your Mail with Box Stamps

Want to make sure your shipping box is the best it can be? Well, Box Stamps are a great way to do just that. These stamps allow you to customize your box and give it some personality! Read on for more information about this awesome way to customize


Do you want to make sure that your box is the best it can be? Well, Box Stamps are a great way to do just that. These stamps allow you to customize your box and give it some personality! Read on for more information about this awesome way to customize your parcels.

What is a box stamp and how does it work?

Box stamps are a great way to customize the box itself. The box stamp applies your logo or design to any box that you want to make unique and stylish for customers. There is no limit on box size, shape or style when it comes to using these stamps as well because they will work with anything from small envelopes all the way up to huge box shipments. The box stamps are a great way to make your product stand out and create an upscale feel for customers in the market or on e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Custom box stamps work by allowing you to design anything that you want onto their surface. Then, when this is ready, it will be placed onto the packaging box and you can apply pressure to it for a few seconds. Once this box stamp is created, the design will be there permanently so that box or envelope could be sent out and customers can experience your packaging

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How much do box stamps cost?

Box stamps come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They can be square, rectangular or even circular in shape. Different box stamp companies offer different box stamp prices but they range from a few dollars for a small simple design up to several hundred dollars for large box stamps with special design elements. If you are looking to create a box stamp that is unique and fits your brand, consider hiring an artist or designer who can work closely with the box stamp company to ensure they deliver exactly what you want within your price range.

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Box stamps or box stickers?

There are many different benefits of using box stamps instead of stickers. Box stamps are a clean, easy way to brand your box packaging. They help you create a cohesive look that ties all of your products together and they can be used on many different types of boxes from large moving box to smaller gift box or lunch box sizes.

Box stamps are also more eco-friendly than stickers as box stamps can be recycled along with your box packaging. There is also no environmentally damaging chemical residue from the adhesive.

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Box stamps vs custom box

Box stamps are relatively cheap after buying the stamp itself you just need to buy ink for almost limitless stamp applications. These stamps can also be applied to any surface that the ink takes to. You can have tons of sizes Finally you can change the color of your stamp to fit different packaging types or designs.

Custom boxes on the other hand are quite expensive and require minimum order quantities. This can be restrictive for online sellers. Also you are stuck with your design as you have an existing inventory of boxes must be used before you can switch colors or designs.

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Limitations of box stamps

A box stamp, also called a boxmark or box stain is great for branding packaging with your logo. However it does have some limitations and may not be the best option for every brand or design. Keep reading to find out more about box stamps so you can make an informed decision on if they are right for you!

The box stamp can’t resize itself. If you need multiple sizes and don’t have other packaging that will take up the same space then this could be an issue for your design or branding needs. It is a manual application which causes some human error as well. This also means it takes more time to get box stamps into production and out to market.

Box stamps will not work well for every brand or design so keep these limitations in mind when you are deciding if box stamps are the right fit for your packaging needs. Box stamping still has a place but there may be other options that better suit your business and branding goals.

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Box Stamps are a great way to customize your parcels. These stamps allow you to add some personality and make it clear that the box belongs only to you. You can also use these stamps for branding purposes, as well! How do you currently customize your packages? Share below in the comments section below so we can see what creative ideas other people have come up with!

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