6 Tips for Writing Great Product Descriptions For eCommerce

Improve your conversion rate. Use these six tips to write better product descriptions. From enticing copy that makes the shopper want to buy, to using keywords and calls-to-action correctly, this post will help you make more sales!


Most product descriptions on websites are short and forgettable, but product descriptions can be used as a powerful marketing tool to increase conversion rates. This is because product description influences the decision-making process of potential customers. In this blog post we’ll give you 6 tips that will help improve your product descriptions and get more sales!

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Be clear about the product’s benefits – what do you want customers to know and why is it important for them to know that information.

Often times when you are running an online store it is the product descriptions that sell your products. The product page acts as a salesman for your business conveying the benefits of your product to potential buyers.

For example, what do they stand to gain from product use? If you are selling a product that helps improve their health or fitness, explain how it will help them get results faster.

So many product descriptions seem generic and don’t really tell consumers much about the product’s benefits. Instead of saying “we help you with your work out,” say something like, “with our product, you’ll be able to stay hydrated no matter how intense your workout is..”

How will your product improve your customer’s lives? Do you solve common pain points? One of the tell tale signs of a good product description is not just technical details and features about a product, but rather explaining the the buyer the problems your product will solve .Product descriptions that offer solutions that directly benefit your buyers directly lead to more online sales.

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Clearly list the features of the product and be specific

A key part of any product description template for any eCommerce business should be product features and benefits. When writing product descriptions, product features help convey product benefits to customers.

What are the product’s key attributes? At a minimum, you should always list your product’s size, color and material.

When writing product descriptions for your eCommerce store, remember that you are selling to people based on their needs and wants. It is important that compelling product pages keep in mind all the product features that a potential customer may utilize when choosing one product in search results over another. Because of this the features you choose to highlight with bullet points and within your product description are often based on the type of product or product category.

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Include a photo or video of your product in action, if possible

Most sellers know to put ample photos of their product on their eCommerce site, the type of photos you choose can often influence how much you sell. For example lifestyle or action shots that showcase the features of your product in use. These examples can help a customer paint an accurate picture of how product will look in their home or office.

Tell a story or point out examples of how to use your product. Potential buyers love to know product specifics, but they also like to envision how their purchase will benefit them in their home. This is also a great way to showcase your brand to your target audience, you can capture lifestyle shots or videos that set the tone and showcase your brand in way that fits your audience best.

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Use keywords and search terms that are relevant to your target audience when describing your products

It is important to use keywords to ensure that your buyer can find you. Your product title and your product description should be written with the keywords in mind, as it will help to improve SEO rankings. It is also important to include the words throughout your product descriptions as well SEO is a key part in helping listings display in search engines.

A good product description will include many of these power words that search engines like google search use to determine ranking on their site. It is important to do some keyword research and find out which keywords are being used to search for your product. You can then include these words in both the product title and product description, as well as throughout the product details page. Using a powerful title is very important with this strategy you want to use relevant keywords that people will be searching on google or amazon so it’s best practice to do keyword research and use those keywords in product titles, product descriptions, as well as product tags.

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Provide dimensions of the product so that people can make an informed decision before they purchase it

It is important when you write product descriptions to include product information that customers need to make informed purchases. As an online store it is in your best interest to make sure that your customers know what they are purchasing. The best product descriptions disclose as many details as possible as this could help prevent future product returns due to things like buying the wrong size or the wrong color.

Some of the most important basic information I like to give in a product description are weights and dimensions. However keep in mind a great product description will go even further and will include things like product materials, product color, size, ect.

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Keep descriptions short and concise – don’t overwhelm readers with all the details at once; add more detail as needed by including subheads, bullet points, etc., throughout the post

The most effect product descriptions use a conversational tone that’s both clear and honest.

Use paragraph breaks to allow more space between topics and subheadings. Generally, a paragraph should be limited to around three short sentences so that it does not become too large and overwhelming. Bullet points can be used to break up paragraph blocks by adding more details about a paragraph or idea within the paragraph itself. Product descriptions should be simple and clear, so avoid using overly complex language or jargon that can confuse the reader. Don’t forget to adjust your tone and style to match your audience! You don’t want to use overly informal or colloquial language if you’re targeting a business client. Finally, pay attention to tone and style. Product descriptions should not be overly formal or businesslike.

Be sure to pay attention to your target audience when writing product descriptions so you can appeal to them with the right words, style, etc. You don’t want to use terminology or expressions that they would not understand. For example, if you’re targeting teenagers who are interested in beauty products then it wouldn’t make sense for you describe things like “cones” or other molecular makeup terms – instead stick with something more basic like “emulsifiers”. When in doubt about an expression or topic try googling it first!

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Product descriptions are often overlooked by business owners, but they can be a powerful tool to increase conversion rates. This is because product descriptions influence the decision-making process of potential customers and make them more likely to buy your products! It’s time for you to start incorporating these 6 tips into your own marketing strategy so that you can reap all the benefits that come with improving your product description pages. Try rewriting one of your product descriptions using these tips today!

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