Custom Packaging Inserts for e-Commerce Fulfillment

Custom packaging inserts are a great way to help improve the overall customer experience and convey the value and quality of your brand.


Product Inserts and Customized Packaging Benefits

Product inserts and custom packaging are a way for businesses to add an extra touch of branding and reinforce quality when presenting their goods to their end consumers. Long gone are the days of taping a product shut in a brown box. Adding inserts has become an increasingly common practice, with online competition forcing businesses, especially eCommerce ventures to adopt and offer customers a host of value-adding and brand-building extras in their product shipments. Business owners have minimal interaction with their clients when selling online, so to increase repeat purchases and ensure future growth it is important to focus on creating positive customer experiences. It is important to seize every opportunity available to make a simple package into a very special experience.

Product Inserts build confidence in the brand

Depending on the industry and type of products you operate in, there are several cost-effective and beneficial add-ons your startup or company can incorporate. As we mentioned above, coupons and discount-driven inserts are a great way to make sure customers return for a repeat purchase or at the very least share a recommendation to a friend. Sometimes online purchases are returned and need to be sent back to the manufacturer or warehouse, by adding a free shipping label into the initial delivery not only shows the customer that the business values the customer’s convenience but also increases confidence in the brand.

Product Inserts build trust and customer satisfaction

Customers sometimes have trouble using even the simplest products, and adding simple, easy-to-understand instructions goes a long way with customer satisfaction. Also, many products lack clear and easy ways for customers to reach the manufacturer or the items seller, and adding such information helps build trust in the brand and its commitment to customer satisfaction. Adding surveys and product review cards can help companies get valuable feedback on how to improve their products and enhance their utility and design in future production cycles.

Custom packaging inserts

Packaging inserts can be a vital cross-marketing tool as well, where you can add marketing material, brochures, and even a free sample of other products your company sells to increase awareness of your products. Free giveaways are one of the best tools to ensure long-term brand commitment from existing consumers, as everyone likes free stuff especially from brands they love.

Custom packaging to stand as a quality products brand

There are dedicated YouTube channels with tens of millions of views dedicated to the art of unboxing new packages and sharing their experience with others. Inserts and custom packaging are good ways for your eCommerce business to stand apart as a quality customer-focused brand especially with influencers and YouTubers, and you should take any and all advantages to increase positive interactions with your end-users.

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