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Shipmate Fulfillment YouTube Channel Is Finally Here!


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Shipmate Fulfillment is proud to unveil our new YouTube Channel. On our channel we will discuss all things logistics, fulfillment, and eCommerce. You can view the channel here.

We post weekly and add a new video every Monday! Please feel free to like and subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with our videos.

Episode List:

Season 1:

Episode 101: The Multiplier Effect: How To Triple Your Sales On Amazon Or Shopify Store In Less Than A Week!

Episode 102: Dimensional Weight: How You Are Overpaying For Shipping Selling On Amazon & Shopify

Episode 103: Digital Real Estate: How To Expand Your Online Empire To Reach More Customers

Episode 104: How To Launch New Products On Amazon: 5 Tips To Successfully Grow Your Amazon Business

Episode 105: What Is A 3PL: Understanding Third Party Logistics & Fulfillment Services

Episode 106: How To Design A Successful Subscription Box Business: 4 Quick Tips To Help You Succeed!

Episode 107: Why Reviews Stink: The Secret Behind Online Reviews And Your Amazon, eBay, Shopify Success!

Episode 108: When Is It Time To Leave The Garage: When To Scale Your eCommerce Business

Episode 109: What Is The Future Of Cryptocurrency In eCommerce? With Founder Andrew Antar

Episode 110: Moving Average: How To Forecast Online Sales For Amazon Or Shopify Sellers

Episode 111: 5 New Year’s Resolutions For Success In Your Online Business In 2020

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Season 2: 

Episode 201: An Evening With A Product Photographer: Insights On eCommerce Photography With Tips & Tricks

Episode 202: Product Packaging: Packaging Design, Inserts, And Customer Experience

Episode 203: My Secret Strategy For Pay Per Click Advertising On Amazon In 2020

Episode 204: eCommerce Gold 2020: How To Turn Any Product Into Solid Gold And Pure Profit!

Episode 205: My 5 Biggest eCommerce Mistakes: What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Selling!

Episode 206: 5 Things I Love About Being An eCommerce Seller!

Episode 207: Coronavirus: The Importance Of Supply Chain Diversification

Episode 208: Story Time: How We Made Millions Selling Online Then Started A 3PL

Episode 209: Blue Ocean Strategy: How To Create New Markets In A Sea Of Competition

Episode 210: The Secret To Successful Customer Service: Create Customer Good Will And Grow Your Business

Episode 211: Coronavirus Update: Logistics, Supply Chain, & eCommerce In The Time Of Covid-19

Episode 212: Business Pricing: What Is Business Pricing And Why You Should Be Using It!

Episode 213: 6 Secret Free And Easy Marketing Techniques For Online Sellers & Businesses

Episode 214: How To Stack A Pallet Of Boxes Like A Pro: A Shipmate Warehousing Tutorial

Episode 215: How To Stack A Mixed Pallet Of Boxes Of Various Shapes And Sizes: A Shipmate Warehousing Tutorial

Episode 216: How To Label A Master Carton For Importing & Order Fulfillment

Episode 217: Understanding Logistics: Shipping In Bulk LTL, FTL, And Parcel Explained

Episode 218: Understanding Amazon FBA Prep Requirements: The Basics Of FBA Prep Shipmate Warehousing Tutorial

Episode 220: Understanding Flat Rate Shipping: How To Increase Profit With Flat Rate Shipping Boxes And Envelopes

Episode 221: Fads Trends & Seasonal Items In eCommerce: How To Sell Trends Online

Episode 222: How To Avoid Getting Your Amazon Account Suspended Or Shutdown: 10 Tips & Tricks

Episode 223: How To Spot A Fake eCommerce Guru: Tips & Tricks To Keep Online Sellers Safe

Episode 224: What Is Dropshipping: Understanding The Dropshipping eCommerce Model & How It Works

Episode 225: What Is Kitting & Bundling? How Kitting And Bundling Can Benefit Your eCommerce Business

Episode 226: What Is An SKU? Tracking Inventory With Stock Keeping Units Explained

Episode 227: How To Ship Artwork Paintings And Prints: An Interview With Rob Boss

Episode 228: Back To School Shopping 2020: eCommerce Tips & Trends For Online Sellers!

Episode 229: Warehousing Cycle Count Tutorial: How To Quickly & Accurately Count Physical Inventory

Episode 230: What Is Media Mail – USPS Media Mail And Library Guide For eCommerce Sellers

Episode 231: Inventory Storage & Management Systems Explained How To Store & Organize Inventory For eCommerce

Episode 232: What Is Amazon FBA & FBM? Amazon Fulfillment Options Explained FBA Vs FBA

Episode 233: How To Tape A Box For Shipping With A Tape Gun: Warehousing & Shipping Tutorial

Episode 234: 5 Ways To Use Packing or Product Inserts To Enhance Your eCommerce Business

Episode 235: Are Sales, Coupons, And Promo Codes Good For Your eCommerce Business?

Episode 236: Sphere Of Genius: How To Turn Your Passion Or Expertise Into A Profitable Online eCommerce Business

Episode 237: How A Package Is Delivered To Your Door: The Journey Of An eCommerce Order

Episode 238: Is Selling On Ebay Worth It? Why eCommerce Sellers NEED To Be Selling On Ebay Too!

Episode 239: How To Calculate Profitability: Know If Your eCommerce Products & Store Are Profitable

 Episode 240: Calculating Cubic Feet: Estimating Volume Based Inventory Storage For eCommerce Sellers

Episode 241: Zombie Products: What To Do When Your Amazon eCommerce Listing Is Not Selling Increase Online Sales

Episode 242: Amazon Horror Story: How To Avoid Common Problems Selling On Amazon

Episode 243: What is a Bill of Lading: Explaining a BOL and Why its Important

Episode 244: Parcel Shipping 101: Understanding Shipping Label Cost Of Mailing Products For eCommerce Sellers

Episode 245: What Are Product Variations? Using Product Variants In eCommerce Listings

Episode 246: How To Thank Your Customers: Showing Appreciation As An eCommerce Seller & Building Repeat Business

Episode 247: Crowdfunding: How To Get Funded On Kickstarter or Indiegogo – Interview with Ben Knepler True Places

Episode 248: What Is Multi-Channel Selling: Leveraging Multiple eCommerce Sales Channels To Grow Your Business

Episode 249: How To Choose A 3PL: 10 Questions To Ask When Vetting & Selecting A 3PL Logistics Provider

Episode 250: How To Ship A Pallet: Preparing A Palletized LTL Freight Shipment Warehousing Tutorial

Episode 251: 7 New Year’s Resolutions For Success In Your Online Business In 2021

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Season 3:

Episode 301: What Is A Zip Code: Zip Codes Explained & What Each Number Means

Episode 302: What Are Warehouse Locations: Bin Types & Locations Explained

Episode 303: Packaging 101 An Interview With Arka: Elevating Customer Experience With Custom Packaging

Episode 304: Customer Ownership: Grow Your Own Customer Base NOT Someone Else’s

Episode 305: Poly Mailers Vs Shipping Boxes: Pros & Cons Of Shipping Products With Each Packaging Type

Episode 306: What Is A Tariff? How Do Tariffs & Duties Effect Importing & Global Trade

Episode 307: What Are Freight Classes: Freight Classes Explained And How To Calculate Them

Episode 308: FIFO Vs. LIFO An Overview Of Inventory Accounting Methods With Examples

Episode 309: How To Quit Your Day Job And Start An eCommerce Business In 5 Easy Steps!

Episode 310: How To Measure A Shipping Box Or Carton

Episode 311: What Is Inventory? Understanding The Importance Of Inventory In Your Business!

Episode 312: How To Leverage Capital To Grow Your eCommerce Business

Episode 313: Is It Time For A 3PL? When To Consider Hiring A Fulfillment Center For Your Business

Episode 314: What Is Inventory Shrinkage: What Is Shrinkage And Where Does It Come From Warehousing & E-commerce

Episode 315: What Is Demurrage & Detention: Explaining And Understanding Demurrage, Detention, & Free Time

Episode 316: Rollo Vs Zebra: Rollo & Zebra Thermal Label Printer Review

Episode 317: What Is UPS Simple Rate? Flat Rate Shipping With UPS Simple Rate Program

Episode 318: Best Products To Sell On Amazon 2021 – A Guide For New E-commerce Sellers

Episode 319: What is a Purchase Order, Invoice, & Packing List What is the Difference?

Episode 320: What is the 5 Whys? Root Cause Analysis Explained For Business Problem Solving

Episode 321: What is SWOT Analysis Explained – Strategic Planning For Business With Example

Episode 322: What is Reverse Logistics? Supply Chain Management Explained With Examples

Episode 323: What Is A PO Box? Understanding PO Boxes And Their Benefits

Episode 324: Plan of Action: Amazon Suspended Account Plan Of Action

Episode 325: What is FedEx Ground Economy? FedEx SmartPost Rebranded Explained

Episode 326: When To Pivot Your Business: What is Pivoting and How to Pivot your Business Model

Episode 327: How To Win The Buy Box: Amazon FBA Tutorial And Strategy Explained

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