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Happy Customers, Happy Business

The Most Important Thing In Business Is Not Profits:

In business, especially those in the eCommerce space, there is one trehing that is paramount above all else. This is your customer happiness and satisfaction. A happy customer is one that will possibly repurchase, leave a positive review, or tell a friend about your business. Customers are the lifeblood of any business and should be the focus of everything a business owner does.

Rule #1 The Customer Is Alwaysre Right:

I’m sure you’ve seen the sign hanging somewhere in your life, but it is so true! It is important to be as accommodating as possible to every need your customers may have. Honoring special requests and inquiries about returns can help to show you care about your customers and that you value them and their input.

Under-Promise And Over-Deliver:

Make sure that any descriptions, images, or marketing materials accurately reflect your item. You want to put forth the best and most professional listing possible, but you don’t want your customers to have expectations that are difficult to meet based on your listing. I would rather have a customer be surprised that an item is nicer or better value than they expected then have someone be dissatisfied because I failed to meet their expectations. This is also true with shipping times, if you can get an item to a customer quicker then promised, do it! Your customers will be impressed that they didn’t have to wait as long as they thought they would.

The Golden Rule:

Treat others how you would like to be treated is a good motto to live life by, but it an equally great motto for running a business. When speaking to an unhappy customer or receiving negative feedback, I often think how I would feel if I was that particular customer and what I would consider a satisfactory outcome. It is important that any issues or complaints are dealt with in a way that you would appreciate if you were on the other side. This helps you build a strong reputation as being a respectable and honest business.  Always stay positive.

Thank Your Customers:

After a sale, it is important to thank your customers for their purchase. This can be done through an email, using box inserts, or even on the bottom of a receipt. Make sure your customers feel valued. Thanking them is a great way to do this!

Always Respond:

Whether it’s an email, a customer question, or a product review, always respond! Pay attention to your customers and engage with them. Attentive sellers make more sales when they answer questions quickly and effectively. Commenting on both good and bad reviews alike shows that you care and are open to feedback. Be approachable.

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